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FuZhou ShouJia Software technology福州首佳软件有限公司介绍--汽车行业管理软件的专家,专注于汽修汽配|汽修美容|汽车4S管理软件等产品的开发和销售
Company culture  
   Corporate purpose "technology to create the future, achievements dream" is a good corporate culture and technology. The 21st century is the era of information technology, the development of technology can change all that practice so that dream come true; The first finger is not only a group of scientific and technological development is the promoter of a group of people. Better technology to the first information technology to promote development and application of enterprises, a large number of companies to help improve the level of information, improve the operational and management levels, according to the needs of corporations to provide appropriate programs and products, and customers, channel partners grow together, and to promote fair, a win-win situation for the purpose of harmony, social return. Companies operating philosophy has always development of technological innovation as the source of vitality, innovation has always adhered to the support of to be market-oriented and independent intellectual property rights has introduced new products and complement each other, have developed steadily and healthily. driven enterprises to move forward. Service concept we insist on the primacy of user services, real benefit to users, users gain the trust and support for the company to establish a good reputation and the image

Product List
汽车配件管理软件(Auto Parts software)
汽修管理软件(Automobile Maintenance)
汽配汽修管理软件(Auto Parts Automobil)
汽车修理厂管理软件(Auto repair shop)
汽车维修管理软件(Vehicle maintenance)
汽车美容软件(Automobile beauty soft)
汽车美容管理软件(Automobile beauty)
汽车4S店管理软件(4S auto shop soft)
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