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FuZhou ShouJia Software technology福州首佳软件有限公司介绍--汽车行业管理软件的专家,专注于汽修汽配|汽修美容|汽车4S管理软件等产品的开发和销售
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   Members of the business community distinguished colleagues and friends : Hello! Welcome to the first best technology website, the parties look forward to the first good friends with the understanding and sincere cooperation! Thanks to all the friends and the love of sincere cooperation, the first good after years of struggle and the pursuit From its beginning of the character, has become the set design, development, sales and service of integrated enterprise software. Today, the first good grasp of the development trend of the times and catch up with the pace of reform and achievements of today"s first-kai, Since entrepreneurship, there has been the spirit of "innovation, progress, development," the commanding height, to complete version, service satisfaction, grasp the trend of the times and will greatly favor the majority of customers; In "professional, refining, research and development" in the spirit continued introduction of new technology, new thinking and improving the quality of products, processes operate more simple, more humane. In order to achieve greater goals, we will strive to build a young, dedicated and innovative, dedicated team, customers seeking to further the development and the interests of business and management of the core concepts closely with the trend of the times, creating more deeply customers of products, the first good will, as always, to establish sincere cooperation and technological gain time, quality to win the market to create brand values, the first choice of good, you get not only a product, is a better service, and a commitment to a security and assured. We firmly believe that if the first finger to innovation and struggle with the pursuit, we will do better, we are more convinced that Only a win-win, win-win situation can! Thank you once again to our friends from various circles of trust and cooperation, and also to thank each headed by a good hard dedication of the staff!

Product List
汽车配件管理软件(Auto Parts software)
汽修管理软件(Automobile Maintenance)
汽配汽修管理软件(Auto Parts Automobil)
汽车修理厂管理软件(Auto repair shop)
汽车维修管理软件(Vehicle maintenance)
汽车美容软件(Automobile beauty soft)
汽车美容管理软件(Automobile beauty)
汽车4S店管理软件(4S auto shop soft)
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